Neuropathy Therapy

Loss of feeling can be very frightening especially if the cause is unknown. Neuropathy can happen to anyone and the repercussion can be life altering.

Whether neuropathy was brought on by diabetes, trauma, toxins that were allowed into the body, genetic disorders or by infection or autoimmune disorders the loss of feeling and sensory abilities can put a stop to a person’s life.

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Occupational Therapy

Peripheral neuropathy deals people a bad hand when it comes to functioning and the ability to maintain life as they knew it before the neuropathy set in and took over. The tingling feet and numb hands and numb feet limit the mobility that a person would otherwise have if it were not for this disease. Finding ways to cope with their disorder is vital if they desire to maintain some form of normalcy. One way that some patients are finding pain relief is in neuropathy treatments such as occupational therapy. Occupational therapy helps: • Repair or improve damaged motor skills • Educate patients on how they can avoid worsening their neuropathy • Basic teaching on personal care and how to manage self with neuropathy • Safety awareness when walking or handling objects • Observation skills so patient is aware of body positioning

Occupational therapy is a great tool for teaching patients how to live their life while battling nerve damage.

If you are looking for a wellness center in arlington contact Dr. Andrea Milne . When Occupational Therapy is not enough

However, occupational therapy is not the only option in treating neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy can lead to more severe problems if not caught early and addressed.

Neuropathy in feet can cause severe pain and the need for pain relief is overpowering. Other therapy options could include but are not limited to supplemental formulas that can be taken during the day that will provide the patient with vitamin supplements and proprietary blend that work alongside alpha-lipoic acid that can create long lasting pain relief in the legs feet and hands.